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http://ajfortuna.com - My name is AJ Fortuna and I have knowledge and expertise in the design world. I work as a visual designer and can help you with all of your needs. I have been doing this for 16 years and am going to bring you a final product that will blow you away. As a professional, I know what it takes to be successful in advertising your company and I am able to effectively help you manage your designs and media.

I specialize in web application development, SEO optimization, and professional web designs. I handle a variety of different media solutions such as: Web Design, Print Design, Video & Sound Design, and Logo Design.


AJ Fortuna’s Biography


AJ Fortuna is a popular Electronic Music artist. For over 17 years AJ has been working in the digital media market and is equipped with diversity of skill sets ranging from sound, graphic, web and video design. AJ has been releasing his own remixed tracks on Sound Cloud for over a year now and has acknowledged a lot of appreciation. Most of his tracks are influenced by the Hip Hop genre. At Sound Cloud; you can listen to some amazing remixes by AJ including the popular release “Bring Sally Up”. The music is so refreshing and creative that it will make bop your head.

In addition to being involved in the digital media market, AJ is an Abstract Painter and works with mixed media.

Artist Biography:

I was born in Boston, Massachusetts and came to San Jose, California at age 2. My father decided to leave residence in Massachusetts and start a new in California. I grew up in a town called Willow Glen and took to the arts at an early age. I attended community colleges where I took several fine art and art history courses. I began painting abstract paintings as a novice while attending college in San Jose. Later I studied film and media for the web and continued to paint abstract paintings. My first showing was at age 30 in a pub in Los Gatos, California where I sold several paintings. I continued to paint for many years and I gave away paintings to friends and family. Later in Life I got involved in making films and developing web sites for a living while residing in Concord, California. I recently moved to Charlotte, North Carolina where I continue to paint.


- AJ Fortuna ajfortuna.com

Social Media Management and Buzz It Social

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Laser Cutting in Manufacturing

In every industry, the majority are those who learn the skills and technology and become good at their trade. The rare exceptions are those who become true masters and transcend themselves and their trade, taking it to a new level of perfection. Like Chuck Berry and Jimi Hendrix were to the electric guitar, the world of metal fabrication has a face and a name. That name is AJ Fortuna and he’s taken the ability to use a CNC laser and made it an art form.

Being a laser operator takes precision and extreme care to put out a quality product and in this aspect, AJ Fortuna is no exception. What sets him apart is just how quality his work is, even by those standards. Taking no shortcuts and using the highest calibration standards not only does he do the most quality fabrication, he has turned being a laser operator into making art. Many of his works can be found here and they are without doubt some of the best modern works of art you will find.

With a strong IT background, he has been able to do things as a laser operator that most have not been able to accomplish with more limited capacities and create precision products making them in very high demand. Just as a true master does not use his tools, they are simply an extension of him; AJ Fortuna has taken his tools and skills and made them an extension of himself.

He has become the name and face by which all laser operators will be compared to and judged and in the future he will be known for his pioneering work and how it has shaped an industry once thought to be somewhat dull and without true art form. Examples of what his work entails and how he performs it can be found here.

Management and Beyond

Opportunities do not come to our doorsteps knocking on our doors. Nor do they fall out of the sky and into our laps, we must go out there and seize the opportunity that is with in reach. During the roaring twenties Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan took the market by storm offering more than they could give and delivering it anyways. AJ Fortuna saw the opportunity to become a supervisor and took it with pride. Understanding that the job of a Metal Fabricator does not become about making materials, it becomes the pride of the company. He made sure that every person was on point and on time to every task that was given to them. There were no weak points in AJ Fortuna’s staff, he saw the importance of running a tight ship and ran it squeezing out a diamond.

Attention to detail becomes paramount in the job of a Laser Operator and AJ Fortuna always made sure that the procedures he took were right, even when unexpected things happened. In life someone can hand you a set of instructions but sometimes there are no instructions as to what happens if you are a man down or if the machine gives a new error. Those type of solutions only come with experience and knowledge that is gained from doing a job right, overseeing every step of the way with their own two eyes. AJ Fortuna never lost sight as to what was really important and that was following the procedures of the company and being prepared for any situation that arises. ajfortuna.com

Metal Fabricating and Operating a CNC Laser

The art of metal fabrication is more like a science with all the time consuming programming that is involved on every piece of work, it can be a tedious and frustrating process for many but not for AJ Fortuna, this man is a metal fabricating magician AJ Fortuna produces high quality work time after time never cutting corners on any of the critical elements of setting up your work for fabrication he is passionate about always delivering only the highest quality workmanship.


And now with his CNC laser AJ Fortuna is challenging you to find an laser operator who is better, well trust me when I tell you this you will be looking along time AJ Fortuna is simply the best period, from setting up the machine using all the proper specifications taking into account the critical elements of heat and speed, not to mention his comprehensive quality control once piece has been fabricated, AJ Fortuna will do a final inspection checking for any obvious and not so obvious defects, I mean he is a master of his chosen trade he can even make subtle changes and adjustments while your product is being made it takes a true professional who cares to be aware of this technique.


AJ Fortuna leaves no stone unturned when taking your job on, high quality work is what AJ Fortuna has established his reputation on, you will not be disappointed. AJ Fortuna takes great care to meet specifications and avoid waste. ajfortuna.com

What Does AJ Fortuna do as a Laser Operator?

AJ Fortuna is a laser operator who is in charge of a machine and uses a laser to cut products to certain specifications. AJ Fortuna is in charge of setting up the machine, adjusting it as needed, and doing any maintenance or minor repairs that may be required.

Setting up the machine is part of the job for AJ and it can be a complicated process. Machines have to be programmed with the proper specifications and controls such as heating elements, speeds and tensions have to be adjusted. AJ Fortuna takes the specifications that are given and programs the machine to produce the desired result. Once cut, it is AJ’s  job to inspect the products made and make sure that each one meets the specifications.

Machines may need to be adjusted while products are being made. AJ Fortuna often times has to adjust the programming or another element, such as the speed, to ensure that the machine is running properly. When a machine has to be adjusted, AJ performs a test run to make sure the settings are right before continuing with the work. AJ Fortuna takes great care to meet specifications and avoid waste, or a product that is not made correctly. ajfortuna.com